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Curb Appeal

First impressions are so important when selling a home. When potential buyers arrive at a home, the exterior of the property needs to make them want to see more. The great news is that you don’t have to spend a lot to make big improvements to the home’s appearance. When I meet with new clients interested in listing their property, I provide a list of suggestions to boost the home’s curb appeal. You don’t have to wait until you are ready to sell t You can start improving your home’s appearance by using the following general advice: You probably go to your mailbox at least once a day, but do you take the time to look at its condition? Potential buyers do and while it is small it does have an impact on your home’s curb appeal. If it’s worn out, rusty or the post is unstable, consider replacing it. The mailbox should complement the exterior of your home.

You have heard the old saying lighting is everything. Install outdoor lighting with solar led lights around the front of the house. Declutter your yard and keep it mowed and weed-free. Make sure all toys, gardening tools and hoses are stored out of sight. Anything that is broken needs to be fixed. Loose pavers, cracked steps, a damaged fence, broken window treatments can all adversely impact your curb appeal. Keep walkways and sidewalks clear of grass clippings. Flower beds and potted plants add a splash of color and do wonders for the curb appeal.

Pressure wash your home’s exterior. In some cases, painting the exterior may be needed. The front door is the home’s focal point. Updating the front door doesn’t always mean you need to purchase a new one. Painting it with a bold shade that complements the home’s exterior can provide the same effect. Potted plants, a wreath or outdoor art can also add color and drama. Don’t forget to check your garage doors. They may also need a facelift. Make sure your outdoor furniture looks fresh and inviting. Again these are just a few suggestions. Take a good look at your home’s exterior. If something stands out, then you may want to consider making an improvement. Your goal – increasing the number of potential buyers walking through your door to see what is in store for them inside! Best of luck and I hope these suggestions are helpful!

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